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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Yesterday after class we went looking for a place to grab a cup of cafe or tea.
We stumbled upon a traditional arab tetería and decided to try it out.

The atmosphere was quite tranquilo and there were small groupings of carpets and small chairs, and little nooks setup with lamps and cushions to sit on while you tried some wonderfully spiced tea and arabic sweets.

None of the girls had ever tasted baklava before so I asked the server "andaka baklawa" (do you have baklava?) and he responded in araby!! "Na'am"

I was so escited to be able to practice my arabic and so I asked where he was from...etc. I ended ur ordering and paying using arabic as well and as we left I thanked him "shookran" and said "Ma'selema!"

It was so cool that such a diverse little group: american, cuban, mexican, guatemalan, lebanese, and honduran could all go into this tiny tea house and share a new cultural experience together.

It was great and I definitely plan on going back very soon.


  1. Hola Kimber: Nos gusto mucho lo que nos cuentas del lugar arabe, pudiste practicar el idioma y sorprendiste a tus amigas. Alguna de estas son tus nuevas roommates? ahora si podras practicar tu espanol con ellas. Hay unos banos romanos en La Luisiana cerca de Sevilla, no dejes de visitarlos. Bueno te mandamos mil carinos. A and A

  2. Hola A y A :) si por supuesto estamos practicando el español y un poco de 'espanglish' también ;) pero si definitivamente voy a ver los baños romanos. Gracias por la sugerencia. xxoo