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Saturday, February 13, 2010

friends in need...friends indeed :)

So I haven't written in a while... I had a bit of back luck with getting sick. :(

I think everyone here has a cold these days, and apparently there is also a stomach virus running around Sevilla which unfortunately caught up with you know who. Good news is that my roommate was wonderful and helped me get through quite a rough night of literally expelling all the contents of my stomach.

When you are not feeling well and are far from home it really means a lot when people do little things to help you out. My friend from Elon came and visited and he brought Aquarius and water for me. The medico had told me to have only liquids for a few days and to take it real easy, and this friend went out of his way to help me do just that. Needless to say I depended a great deal on my roommates and friends during this past week in particular.

Although I also must say a very big thank you to you guys back home for calling and emailing to check on me: THANK YOU!!! :)

A funny consequence of getting sick was that my roommate and I really bonded lol and now I have met several of her other French friends-one of them actually grew up in Senegal!

But all that said things are looking up, as the weather gets better and classes are starting on Monday!! -They certainly do take there time here ;) and thank goodness.


Random aside- I met a new friend from Croatia and we are planning to take Flamenco and Belly dancing together :)

Más Mañana...


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better Kimber. It's awesome that Elon friends can be there for you whatever country you're in :-)