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Thursday, February 25, 2010

revolving door of roommates

Just found out that my french roommate will be heading back to France in 30 days :(...which means it will be time for a new roomie to move in. So far in my college career I have lived with 6 differnt roommates...4 of which have been during my time here in Sevilla! lol but it has been cool meeting new people and learning about them.

Hopefully this new roommate will be Española...vamos a ver!

Tomorrow we are going to Mallorca for the long weekend and are hoping for nice weather...

mas mañana...

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  1. Sad but kinda an advantage if the new girl is espanola! What a coincidence, my first flat mate to move out in the "old house" was French too. Have a nice time in Mallorca! I'm off to Portugal for the long weekend! Enough of the lluvia let's see the Sun! Lol

    Btw I moved off that mysterious Netlog onto Blogger