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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Out on the Town

As my time in Sevilla comes to an end...I am trying to aprovechar all of the beauty, excitement and culture the city has to offer. This past weekend we went for tapas and a flamenco show at La Carbonería.

It makes me smile to see families out for a walk or just sitting down to dinner at 11:30 or midnight. Apparently as the summer nights get warmer the Sevillanos stay out later and later...

Sorry for the abbreviated posts- but exam time is also here and I am definitely feeling the time crunch!! 

Más Mañana!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

We Are Family :)

Mom and Dad came to visit this past week and it was a whirlwind of travel, sightseeing and fun times :)

It was a wonderful and a much needed dose of family :)

We went all around Sevilla including a riverside bar with mojitos and great music, a traditional flamenco performance full of duende, La Catedral, La Giralda, Los Reales Alkasares and then the Costa del Sol.

We also sampled all sorts of tapas and local is a picture taken by our waiter who had studied abroad guess where??? JAX, FL lol it is such a small world!

We missed Mattman but I am sure we will have more adventures this summer with the whole family :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Looking The Part...Moroccan Style

Except for an unfortunate run in with a carpet seller who offered to show us some of the rugs his family had been weaving for centuries and would never pressure us to buy only to have a look, we had no real trouble with walking through the town and looking in little shops and bakeries. 

Our first official perchase in Chaoen was a headscarf for me, because, as I mentioned it is a rural town and so the women there were more conservative and after a few too many glances in my direction I realized that it was perhaps improper for me to be flaunting my light colored hair which inadvertinly also announced that I was a tourist. So we popped into a small shop where the man was watching a Spanish novella and spoke a bit of broken English and found a reasonably process scarf to cover my head. Once covered we began to blend much better (Justin in a traditional Moroccan shirt and me in the scarf and a longsleeved blouse)

The next day after a bit of exploring and a formal lesson on how to wear on a headscarf- I asked the cook if she would mind showing me how to put it on properly to which she smiled and replied in polite french that it would be a pleasure. So several pins and some time later I emerged with my hair tucked away and looking rather local if I do say so my self. J

Sunday, May 2, 2010

La Feria cont.

Sorry for taking so long to post these pictures:

Before heading to Morocco we went to la Feria dressed in traditional wear to take part in one of Spain's most famous celebrations.

From Ferris wheels, to churros and chocolate...and of course people dressed in their finest trajes de gitana of all colors of the rainbow la feria is a lively family affair full of Spanish pride. I will include some crowd shots and some that can help you see the absolutely huge fair grounds full of striped tents and carnival rides.