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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Teriaki Pollo

Yes we ate like spaniards tonight...started the evening at 9:30 sat down at a sushi place around 10:30 and wrapped it up around 0:00 (that's right midnight!)

It was a strange experience being in a trilingual environment and attempting to make out the items on the menu which were written in Japanese characters, Spanish descriptions with a few english transliterations thrown in.

As we poured over the menu in utter confusion someone figured out how to order a sort of "plato combinado" serving an appetizer, main course and soup or salad for under 9 euros :) so that decided we merely had to communicate this to our waitress who was at her wits end trying to attend far too many tables during the dinner rush. She graciously waited as we tried at times in vain to describe what we would like in japanese/spanish. My favorite was when our friend proclaimed that she would be having the Teriaki Pollo, because to my ears this was an absurd combination, however along with un poco de Sake and una sopa miso we were in good language melding company.

The meal turned out wonderfully and we rather liked taking advantage of the Spanish custom of longer meals and much conversation. Although I must say at the end once we were all full conversation lulled as everyone dreamt of being tucked into their beds. :)

mas mañana...

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  1. Hehe, now I'm hungry and miss my bed :P
    Bon apetit! (Itadakimas :)