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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

¡Livin la vida Sevillana! :)

Today it occurred to me that I am beginning to "go native" as the ethnographers say, well not quite as drastic as that but I do feel like I am blending in here. I finally have a basic routine: going to school and to certain shops/kiosks and even having regular meeting places to go grab a cafe etc. Its funny how you can adapt to a new environments without even realizing you are...that is until one day you notice that you unconsciously get from your dorm to school without being offered any rosemary or "free" palm reading. :)

ITS A SIGN THAT YOU ARE NO LONGER A TOURIST...and well on your way to becoming a native ;)

I was marveling the other day at the normalcy of waking up and walking to school, with everything I needed for the in Sevilla unless u want to end up with blisters from redundantly retracing your steps, I have learned to do as the Sevillanos do: PREPARE FOR EVERYTHING! lol That is you have to be sure to bring a paraguas, your books, and of course some kind of entertainment with you as you leave for work/school in the morning.

Well, more observaciones mañana...

But for now thank for reading and please feel free to ask questions and suggest a topic that you would be interested in me writing about (food, people, classes, museos...etc)

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