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Monday, March 1, 2010

¡¡Una Noche Cubana!!

In Mallorca we happened upon a litle Cuban cafe- and they were hosting a live salsa band Saturday night. So we decided to check it out :) and it was a blast! We met some other Cubans nd many other great characters...including the mojito lady who was dressed as Celia Cruz!

They played "Besame!" and Buena Vista Social Club and all that good stuff.

The singer came to our group and had us join him on the stage for a few songs, and later we all danced and learned some new turns and tricks. Lol who would have thought that we would have had to travel all the way to Los Beleares to find a taste of the Caribbean. :)

We also visited the cathedral in Palma, which has an altar piece by Gaudi and a contemporary mural by Miquel Barceló. It has a really modern look and it was fascinating. We stayed there trying to figure out all the meaning he tried to includ in his work. I think we all related better to that piece than to the older parts of the church.

Besides that we checked out the beaches and some of the smaller towns around Santa Ponca.

Bueno mas mañana...

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