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Monday, March 22, 2010


Ok so as many of you know Semana Santa is coming up so I thought I'd post some questions for you all about the week's festivities and traditions: (please feel free to post your answers I'd love to know what you all think)

How many Virgen Mary's are included in the Semana Santa processions?

How can you get a seat in the city center  to watch the processions?

What time/day do the processions depart form their 'home churches'?

What is the name of the traditional dessert made during semana santa?

bueno como siempre más mañana!!


  1. 5 Virgin Mary's, ask the mayor for a seat, 3AM departure from church, pastel angel :-)
    I personally can't wait for the answers!

  2. Hay 52 cofradias y 99 Pasos (floats) yo creo que pueden haber 52 virgenes aunque a lo mejor algunas se repiten.
    Con palanca se consigue un buen asiento.(know the right people)
    No se a que hora empiezan.
    Me gusto la respuesta de Justin asi que me quedo con pastel de angel

  3. A bunch
    Be a Virgin Mary
    Desert traditional'

    Bet I got 'em all right.