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Friday, March 5, 2010

Birds of a feather...yup we stick together

So yesterday I attended a few new classes at the university...and first off lemme just say that I love my Arabic teacher! We learned all about Iraqi culture and how their dialect is very tied to their history and cultural values. haha apparently if you breed palomas people do not trust you because sometimes after you let them out to fly around you end up with other people's palomas asi que your word is not the most trustworthy or so society thinks. I imagine it’s a similar phenomenon con any language...take español por ejemplo: in Spain there are a million expressions that have to do with bulls and bullfighting. 

And then after dialectologia de arabe I was looking for my next class and ended up asking these two students if they knew which direction the room might be. lol so far I have learned that if you ask a Spaniard for directions chances are that if they begin with "ah si me suena... " it will be followed by "todo recto todo recto" which is great but how long should you go todo recto?? No one ever seems to clarify this but that’s another story...As far as I can tell Sevillanos are born with an innate sense of navigation via plazas and zonas peatonales.

Anyway although I was expecting to be told to just "keep going straight" the girl thought for a second and was like "dijiste aula 241?""Si" "Creo que estoy en la misma clase! :) So we walked all around the facultad til we found the classroom. We still had some time to kill so we decided to go for some tea at the tetería before class started. :)

lol I think the owner should hire me as a marketing rep hehe because each time he sees me come in with a new group of first-time-baklava-tasters ;) 

Apparently foreign exchange students although not quite birds of a feather indeed flock together ;) lol it was a German girl a Moroccan boy and me but 'la lingua franca' was español por su puesto. 

I felt like I was back in the International Pavilion at Elon lol but dubbed in was a strange phenomenon but definitely cool that we could communicate through a common language. 

After class the Moroccan dude invited us over to make crepes :) He went to cooking school and had worked in a restaurant in Paris for 5 years! lol so we were like ok!! And lemme say that crepes are one of the simplest cheapest and tastiest snacks you can have. 

The Recipe: 
8 huevos
and you need a stove of course ;)

He taught us how to make the batter flip them and everything...and with a bit of nutella they were quite delicious!

We also met his flatmates who were really amable and they tried some of our crepes too. So despite the rainy day we were quite content with our snack and our earl grey tea.

well bon apetite y mas mañana!

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  1. Tengo que tratar este recipe despues de quaresima! I'm trying to give up huevos!