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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Culture shock...

A Few Notes From the Field:

1. So yesterday I needed to use the restroom during one of our descansos in art class. I followed the directions given to me at least I thought so...that is until I walked into the restroom to find two guys using the sink! 

Trying to recover I apologized saying "ay lo siento... me equivoqué..." but my attempted recovery was met with smiles and shaking of heads...confused- I stood in the doorway staring in bewilderment as one of the stall doors opened and a girl walked out!! Apparently it was a co-ed baño!!

I suppose it serves the same purpose and perhaps more economically...however socially it’s definitely different. But hey that’s why I'm here to experience and appreciate the culture...whatever that may mean.

2. I believe that all nations have their sacred Spain this high honor is held by two seeming simple things: 


The best part is that you can order them about 100 different ways and together the cost is about 1 euro.

Café: manchado, cafe con leche, cafe solo...etc 

Pan tostado: pan integral, tostado con aceite y tomate, tostado con jamón, mitad con mantequilla y mermelada...etc

Lol like I said everyone has their own order. It reminds me of the ridiculously specific starbucks orders in the US...except that here in Spain the more concise the better so you better know the distinct names the variation you like. 

And when foreigners enter a bar for the first time and order a "café" they are most often met with a quizzical expression and extended pause.... well what kind????

So for me its usually 'un manchao co' la mita' d'pan integral' lol we have been studying dialects in class so I thought I would try to simulate the cuban-in-andalucia accent ;)

3. Did I mention that when u walk into said bar you better be prepared because as soon as you squeeze in you hear "¡Dime!" which means 'tell me!' (the 'what you want' part is implied) and if no hay una carta you just have be ready to probar algo nuevo..."¡¡Buen provecho!!" 

¡Bueno... más mañana!

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  1. I liked the bathroom story... I had a similar kinda experience in sweden, but you had to pay to use a public restroom which really sucks when you are running and have no money on you! The funniest part was that the coin only alloted so much soap, water, one flush, and lights for the room. By the time I figured that out, the water was turned off and the soap was on the floor and I was leaving the dark bathroom with dirty hands:)