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Monday, March 22, 2010

The boys next door

:) lol so last night I came home a bit late because I had gone to see the Universidad de Sevilla's choral performance at the Catedral. It was a beautiful -un poco largo- but I really enjoyed seeing my friend sing and hearing the orchestra. 

Ps...apparently getting there early meant 'go to the preceding mass and then keep your asiento'.  ;) No one told me it was also the feast of St. Joseph- everybody was dressed to the nines and the church was packed!

So after the concert was over I headed back to my residencia. I walked up to my room but was having a bit of trouble with the lock on my door. I guess the guys next door heard me rattling the lock, because all of a sudden all three of them burst out of the room. I think they were expecting someone else because for a second we all just looked at each other confused.

But then we all burst out laughing and they were like where are you coming back from? I explained about the concert to which they responded -we should help you integrate more into the real Spanish culture lol I'm Manuel, Jesus, Julio ...etc, come on we will presentarte to the others.  So we then proceeded to meet 1/2 the building throughout the night as we shared music and YouTube videos while attempting but not quite successfully to go dancing at the nearby discotec. 

It was a funny and random way to meet the neighbors but I’m glad we have now been introduced. :)

mas maƱana!!

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