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Monday, March 29, 2010

A portrait of the artist in Sevilla…

I love being surrounded by art! 

Be it music, painting, theatre, or dance…art fills you up and helps you to make new connections and to open up to the possibilities of creativity.

Last weekend I went to the inauguración of the new exposición de arte featuring the painting students in their senior show.  The gallery space, I had heard, was a sight to see…however I had never actually come across the space though I had class in the building almost every day…

I came to find out that the gallery was actually in the basement and to get there you had to take the elevator to floor (-2) labeled SÓTANO …a bit sketchy but al final I reached the space and it was bustling with art aficionados, family and friends who had come to view the impressive and imaginative works that were being displayed.

The show was breathtaking both in the sense of beauty and also in the sense of poignancy…each artist had his or her interpretation of several common works of literature (they were studying to be illustrators) and the show was organized thematically to reflect the various ways each text could be represented.

My friend Leticia’s work was quite remarkable because it was a blend of fantastic surrealism and dark tragidrama. Each painting contained within it a sort of vigor and passion that kept the viewers staring and thinking. 

It is refreshing to have such a thriving arts community here in Sevilla and I hope to become a part of it as the semester continues.  :)

más mañana...


  1. Sounds nice!
    What do you mean interpretation of works of literature? Was there a common topic/topics for all the paintings?

  2. do you have any photos of their work? sounds fascinating