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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Walkin in the Rain

Yesterday we took a group tour of our "barrio" and learned about all the great places to eat and where the police station was...etc. The only problem was that it started to pour!!

Needless to say the group dwindled gradually, as we passed through el centro. However Mari, Cecy and I had to hang in there til almost the end, as our street was the furthest, much to the detriment of my dripping hair, squelching boots and two pairs of soaked through socks.

When we finally were able to leave the group we bagan to look around for someplace to warm up....and thats when we saw it!!


Now I say this in large letters because this is no ordinary hot chocolate. It is a special drink that is 1000x better than our thin watery chocolate drinks. Instead, it tastes like pure smooth melted chocolate served hot and thick!

We stopped in for a small taza on the way home, and it made all the difference on our soggy way home.

As Cecy said "barriga llena, corazon contenta!" lol

more mañana...


  1. Ay, quiero comerlo tambien! El chocolate de Europa es tan delicioso que lo de aqui. I'm sorry it rained on your parade. Stupid lluvia! Diga mas sobre tu clase y tu profesor molay!

  2. Such a nice story, Kimber :)
    And yeah, choco is great here :)

  3. Yes! I know what you are talking about and that hot chocolate is the best ever! And sounds like you found it at just the right time!

  4. I found that stuff in a little family owned italian restaurant in annapolis. it was so rich I could barely get it down, but OH so delicious! very neat :)