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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tonight we watched a Flamenco performance!

The guitar player and the male dancer were great, they played off eachother's rhythms and kept the crowd guessing with their creative exchanges. I was impressed by the complexity of the footwork and of the playing, but was not so captured by the singing or of the other dancer.

The others in the group were helpful to round out the show, but they did not bring the life and passion to the stage as the first two did. Flamenco is a serious and intense artform that includes guitar, dance, and canto, and in order to have an authentic experience these three parts must work together...

I am eager to start classes both academic and dancing, to see first hand the techniques and combinations that are involved. It looks to me like an artform that incorporates the whole body, mind and spirit...because it requires a certain rawness and willingness to perform without reservation because it is an art that hinges on interaction between dancer, cantaor and guitar player, who all add to the complex rhythms and each contribute to the performance.

More on this subject later.

For now I also wanted to mention that Haiti and the tradgety they suffered is on everyone's mind here and that we are praying for the victems and their families...


  1. Is Flamenco dance improvisational in nature? I can't wait to see you dance Flamenco! I hope there is a dance studio near your university.

  2. Flamenco guitar playing is so insane. Glad you got to see someone perform live.