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Monday, January 25, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

ok so after a frustrating few days of figuring out how to get from my residencia to CIEE and from there to Triana and from there to the Catedral...I was ready for a calm afternoon.

so I met up with my friend form Elon and we decided to go see a did not occur to us however that it would be dubbed in Epsañol!

If you have never had the experience of watching an American movie in Spanish, I would suggest it. At first we were skeptical as we watched Rachel Mcadams speak with a spanish accent, but it was very interesting because we were able to understand both her gestures and the conventions of communication as well as notice the effort in translation of jokes and phrases.

My favorite was hearing Roberty Downey Jr. playing a bumbling old beggar and muttering in a raspy Spanish voice "Dios se salve la reina."

Oh and later in the movie there was french being spoken by several characters which was roughly translated into Spanish it was an experience i am not likely to forget.

More mañana...

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  1. This is awesome. I was able to see Little miss Sunshine in Italy when I was there last but it was subtitled in Italian so not as good as your experience.