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Saturday, January 16, 2010

First Day in Spain

Today I arrived in Madrid...


The journey was long to be sure, but the flights were smooth and the people entertaining.

If anything I have learned a valuable travel lesson:


Metros and staircases are not made to accommodate wonky luggage carts especially not when driven by a girl in boots and a dress balancing two gigantic suitcases a backpack stuffed to the brim and a winter coat.

Needless to say once I arrived in Madrid and found out that in order to get to my final destination for the next few days we would have to walk 10 blocks luggage in hand, I was so used to the idea that it barely fazed me. And on the bright side it was much more relaxed a walk than I had had all day.

And once I got to the apartment I felt very welcome. "Esta es tu casita", Loly told me after giving me warm PJ's and a blanket. They are very accommodating and happy to have me in their home, which I greatly appreciate.

Ok Spain here we go...more mañana...


  1. Hi Kimby. I am looking forward to taking this journey with you via blog. It must have been quite enetrtaining to watch you "manage" your luggage. So glad you are safe in Spain and in such good company. Please thank Loly and Andres again for me. I will tune in tomorrow for an update.
    Lots of love and kisses! G

  2. Lol good one :)
    I think I'll like your way of writing :)
    Keep it up chica :P

  3. haha yeah I know! I had a big backpack, a suitcase and a coat with rainboots when I was in San Francisco and my shoulders were almost breaking carrying all of them at once!!