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Thursday, January 21, 2010

being foreign

So over the past two days I have learned what it is like to be in a new country away from anyone you know and all who care about you. I dont say this in a melodramatic way, but in all seriousness I have come to really really appreciate those people who help make the "new kids on the block" feel welcome.

It is not easy making these adjustments but it is worth it for sure, othewise we serve as barriers toward our own growth and with sooo much out there why in the world should we block ourselves form discovery and revelation...


I am going to visit Italica tomorrow and on Monday our intensive class starts- the actual semester begins in 2 much to do before that.

More later...and pictures too ;)


  1. Ay que bueno (en acento cubano)!! Vas a bailar! Espero que no elimina esto comentario tambien! No puedo esperar por las fotos!

  2. Pictureeees - yuppie !! :)
    BTW I'm officially welcoming you here and am not so far, just so you know :P

  3. I like this post :) very insightful, you inspire me to broaden my horizons and take risks to understanding a different culture! From my very few experiences abroad, I understand your sentiments. bet you are excited to understand how the international students back at elon feel and appreciate you!