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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

La Feria!!

La Feria!!

Fuimos anoche a la Feria!! It was a blast!  The official opening of the festivities was at 12 midnight, the ceremony is called the "Alumbrado". Once inside we saw the casetas and the carnival rides including mini rollercoasters and ferris wheels ;) And there were stands selling everything from chocolate and churros to cotton candy, noisemakers and much much more. As it was the night of 'pescaitos' (fried fish with an andalucian twist) big companies and families held dinners in their casetas to celebrate the begining of la feria.

Each caseta is unique and is decorated with traditional spanish flare. It reminded me of looking at the rooms of a dollhouse: there was wood flooring, wallpaper and real furniture but the only funny thing was that the casetas all are missing one wall so that everyone can hear the music and see the dancing.

Today we are planning to go check out the festivities and wear our trajes de flamenco :) cant wait!!

mas mañana!!


  1. Hey Kimby,

    Sounds like a blast! Thanks for including a photo of you. I love the flower in your hair. You look beautiful and so happy! Can't wait to hear more...

  2. Nice analogy with the doll house :)
    BTW what's La Feria for? What is it celebrating?

  3. I was wondering the same thing..

    Also, have you learned about Antoni Gaudi? My roommmate gave me a book of his artwork and it is all over Barcelona